BASIC Stamp Tools for Linux

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2006 May 31 - Release 2006.05.31 is out! It incorporates patches to correct identification of BS2 and to use the latest version of the tokenizer library. -katie

2004 May 15 - Francis Esmonde-White submitted updates, including POSIX pipes support, which have been committed to CVS, and released as a new tarball download! Update: Oops! The changes in this release were based on a year old tarball, not the CVS (updated in December). We'll audit the changes and may release another update within a week. In the meantime, this is still usable. :^)

2003 December 13 - James Tripp and Gilles May have been updating the 'bstamp' code in the CVS repository.

2003 May 21 - bstamp-misc Mailing list implemented

These tools let you tokenize PBASIC source code and then send it to a BASIC Stamp microcontroller, where it is executed. (If you don't know what BASIC Stamp or PBASIC are, check the About page.)

1. Create PBASIC code using your favorite editor.
2. Tokenize the code using bstamp_tokenize.
3. Send the code to the BASIC Stamp over the serial port using bstamp_run.
4. The program runs! Watch any DEBUG output using bstamp_run.

Sponsored by PBASIC is a trademark and BASIC Stamp is a registered trademark of Parallax, Inc.
Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.